Thursday, December 6, 2007

String Party

When I was little my mom's side of the family started an awesome tradition for New Year's. We would meet at my Aunt's house for our Christmas Celebration. On New Year's Night all the parents and grandparents would stay up past the midnight festivities and play games and do who knows what, but after all that, they would set up the STRING PARTY. Here's how it worked. Each of us kids got a different color of yarn and they would string it ALL OVER THE ROOM. Now remember, I was young and this could be a little exaggerated due to my size (everything looks HUGE when you're little, and a few toys could feel like tons). Anyway, then the grown-ups would proceed to close-pin fun toys to the strings that they had been collecting all year long, such as Chinese yo-yo's, multi-colored crayon balls, animal nose masks etc. After they were done , they left the rolls of yarn sticking out of the room so we could find our color and covered the room off with a sheet so as to hide the long-awaited string party. I remember standing there the next morning with the rest of my siblings and cousins, eyes wide, pulse racing, heart pounding in excited anticipation of what was to come. Then, the sheet was pulled and we would all scramble to find our treasures connected to the spiderweb of colors. My family has such fond memories of those moments that we wanted our own children to experience the thrill of a String Party. So, last year we started it with the next generation. Here are a couple of pictures from this year's string party we held at my sister's for Thanksmas.
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