Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Feels Good

I've been so out of the loop with groceries and couponing since we moved away from Charlotte. I literally spent hours weeding out expired coupons, cutting inserts and filing them away on Saturday. It had been long enough! I told you I get a lot done when Josh is out of town=)

Our checkbook was seeing the results, reflecting our previous lifestyle of no coupons. I felt like such a traitor walking up to the cashier empty handed, paying full price for the items in my cart and I'd just hang my head in shame when the computerized cashier at the self-checkout would ask "Do you have any coupons"? No, alright, no I don't. STOP judging me!!

I digress...

I had a plan and I was motivated. Since I have all my normal grocery stores that I shopped at in Charlotte within minutes of our new house here (minus our Aldi which is kind of sad) I didn't have to change strategies, which I was SO thankful for.

So I mapped it out and put my scenarios together. Man did I have a list! We had pretty much whittled down our stockpile when we moved so it was almost like starting from ground zero again. (Except for the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream Brianne brought over when we moved in. Thanks BRI!=)

It was such a rush to see that $150 total go down to $81 at my first stop...ahhhh! We made out with only pennies left over from our 2-week grocery budget when all was said and done, but we did it!

I also had a new strategy for getting Christmas presents this year. Thanks to Ebates and free shipping deals, I actually made money back by shopping online for ALL my Christmas presents this year (except for my kids and Josh). You should really check them out. Make sure you say that Tasha Via at joshntash @ hotmail . com referred you and you can get an automatic $5!

Anyway, it sure feels good to be back in full swing in the coupon world. Hello again world. Hello again savings. Hello again happy checkbook=)
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