Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Saw A Multitude Of Heavenly Hosts

...well not exactly! But I did see a multitude on my front porch. I take that back...I didn't exactly see them.

Let me just back up a little bit and explain myself.

I don't get scared very easily. In fact, when Josh has a gig out of town I don't mind a night alone in the house by myself with the kids at all. (2 weeks alone is about my limit though=) I like to sprawl out in the bed by myself. I also tend to get a lot done when I'm on my own because I don't keep thinking of things to tell Josh while we're working.

Last night was a big night though. It was my first time in our new house by myself. That's always a bit different. With a new house comes new noises, new shadows, new neighbors!

I'd made it through the evening with no problems and made it to bed by about 11pm.

So, when 12:15am rolls around I am dead to the world. Except for the fact that I am hearing this ringing in my ears. "What is that?" I ask my subconscious, since I'm still pretty sure I'm sleeping. The ringing continues and as I return to reality I realize that it is, in fact, my front doorbell...ringing...over and over and over.

Did I mention that it is after midnight?! And that I'm in my house by myself?! With 3 sleeping kids?!

I run to the front door before realizing that I just have on a little nighty. I didn't think to grab my glasses either. I didn't want to just open the front door so I go over to the front window and see this blurry mass of people.

"What in the world is going on?!" Was the first thought that ran through my head. My second thought? Man, I'm glad I'm not wearing my super sexy jammies tonight;) My third thought? I'm glad that, after much contemplation over whether I should leave the front porch light on, I decided that I'd rather the bad guys run around in the dark than give them a light to see what they are doing in my front yard. I would have certainly given Journey's youth a show last night, ha!

My first reaction was to yell out my window at the crazy group. "I'VE GOT 3 SLEEPING KIDS IN..." But before I could finish my sentence I hear a very familiar voice say, "There she is! There she is! Start singing!!!!"

Then, at the top of all 300 of their lungs I hear "Jingle Bells" come belting from their mouths into the cold, after midnight air! Right outside my sleeping baby's window, I might add...

It isn't until then that I remember Kelly saying, "Jonathan has an all-night youth thing tonight." and it is also then that I realized why Jonathan called that afternoon to write down our address.

So thank you Jonathan=) You better be glad I have GREAT sleepers that completely slept through that whole thing!

Welcome to Raleigh!=)
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