Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Santa's" Little Helpers

This year the kids helped me pick out a lot of their cousin's Christmas presents. They were so excited when we'd get another package in the mail, knowing it was one of the presents they helped get.

I must stop and pause to say that on-line shopping is the way to go when you have to shop with kids!

Next, time to wrap the presents and put them under the tree.

I decided to "make" our own wrapping paper this year. We went and picked up a stack of paper bags at Harris teeter. Then, I cut them so they were flat. After I finished cutting we got the markers out and the kids "decorated" them.

After decorating the paper, Rainy and Zeke alternated turns putting bows and name tags on the gifts (thanks to this week's FREEBIES at CVS!) and then they took turns putting the presents under our tree.

We're about half-way done but their gifts look great.

It's all I can do to fight my urge to just "get it done" because I can see how much fun they are having.

AND, we didn't have to pay a penny for our wrapping endeavors!

I saw earlier that my friend, Jenn, cooked with her kids this week. Do you involve your kids in the festivities of Christmas or are you a get 'er done kind of gal?
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