Monday, November 9, 2009

Yours, Mine and Ours

The open gate...we can play!!!

Jenn and I decided that we needed to get together to set some boundaries since we were going to be co-living with another family for the first time.  We talked openly about maintaining family times and our daily routine and made a rule that we are NOT allowed to be offended or get our feelings hurt during any part of this process=)

Jenn and I have done pretty good with the groceries so far.  With our forces combined we have been able to score some AWESOME deals!

Jeremiah and Jenn set us up a little coffee/snack area for us so we wouldn't have to come upstairs in our jammies or worry about waking them up in the morning.  We are able to go up and use the kitchen at our leisure though.  We also have a TV down there.  I'll have to post pictures of our set-up, it's pretty sweet.

It's been kind of hard on all the kids to figure out their boundaries though.  We decided we needed a good system.  When the gate is open at the top of our stairs, the kids know that they can all play together.  It's so funny to hear Ella and Ezra at the top of the stairs when we haven't been up yet to open it or to hear our kids trying their hardest to wait for the open gate to go up and play.  

The kids have gotten along really well.  They are learning to "work it out" together and are all having to work on sharing to the extreme these past couple of weeks.

We will always cherish this time together with the Hambrick's.  
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