Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stay Away

Jenn had a dream on Sunday night about her having strep throat and then she woke up with a sore throat.  The funny thing is that I woke up with that same sore throat too!  We have the EXACT SAME virus with the EXACT SAME symptoms.  It's been crazy.  We'll wake up in the mornings and we feel the same way and as soon as one of us has a new symptom we know that within an hour or two the other will begin to have it too.

Well, Josh got home on Thursday night from a week-long even with his dad.  His mom had just been asking him earlier this week, "You make a living using your voice.  How in the world do you keep from getting sick?"  You may remember Josh's blog recalling one such event that didn't go so well, but he has since learned the correct way to take Airborne.  That's what he takes when anyone in his realm of physical influence comes up sick.

Anyway, yesterday's symptom was headache, sneezing and terribly runny nose.  So, you can imagine the noises coming from this house last night while Josh and I were hanging out downstairs.  I was sitting next to Josh, sneezing every couple of minutes while Jenn sat upstairs snorting so loudly that it would make us all laugh.  

It was then, in that moment, that Josh realized that it was time.  Time to take action.  Time to take Airborne and pray for the best!
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