Friday, November 6, 2009

3 Months

16.0 lb.

1 - He found his hands this week.  I love watching him stare at his new found appendages.

2 - After I wake him up for his 10:30pm feeding he'll sleep anywhere from 7am-9am.

3 - He loves to be UP.  He hardly wants to be laying on his back anymore.  He'd rather be jumping in his Johnny Jump Up or playing in the exersaucer.

4 - He is so flexible and happy baby.  He rode around with us for HOURS looking for houses and then got passed around at band rehearsals all week and did amazing.

5 - He is trying his hardest to sit by himself.

6 - He is VERY determined.  He is working so hard on rolling over that he is losing sleep at night because of it.

7 - He started blowing spit bubbles and making noises.

8 - He will take a bottle at ANY temperature.  Makes traveling so simple.

9 - If no one else can get a smile and laugh out of him, Rainy can=)

10 - We have a GREAT system for traveling.  I have a bottle ready for Cai before we leave the house and give it to Rainy to feed him in the backseat while I pump his next feeding in transit.  We only have to stop for a quick diaper change=)

11 - He is a BIG stretcher.  When we went in for his last check-up the nurse had to wait a good minute and a half for Cai to stop stretching to measure how long he was, HA!
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