Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Card Time

It's that time of year again...Christmas Picture time.  We traded picture taking abilities with Jeremiah and Jenn so we wouldn't have to do the ol'  set-the-camera-up-on-the-tripod-and-run-while-trying-to-get-the-kids-to-continue-to-look-at-the-camera technique.  This new method of having another PERSON take the picture is pure genius.  

Anyway, that's what we did earlier this week...and now I've been working all day to find the right photo card for our December newsletter.  I've been comparing prices and backgrounds and sizes ALL DAY!

I can't figure out why it is such a big deal for me.  *sigh*

And now that I've been zoned in on this task all day I am unmotivated to work on anything else.  Not to mention the already rainy, gloomy day because of Tropical Storm Ida.

Are there any other Christmas Card perfectionists out there?
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