Thursday, August 13, 2009

The First Week

Well, Micaiah turns 1 week old today.  I can't believe it's already been a week.  We are still adjusting here, working on "happy hearts" and good attitudes but overall we are 1 big"ger" happy family=)  My parents have been here helping out which has been Great!  It has been so nice to have the extra hands to keep us fed and to help with Rainy and Zeke.

Micaiah has adjusted well to having 2 older siblings.  He can sleep through ANYTHING!  

I took him to the doctor yesterday for his first check-up and they were SO impressed with how he is doing.  He was already up to 7lb. 2 oz.!  They said it usually takes breast-fed babies AT LEAST 2 weeks to gain back just their birth weight so for him to go beyond in less than a week was Great!  They don't have to see him again until he's 2 months old=)

Here are a couple more pictures for you...

Tummy time - turned into nap time=)

Daddy got to take over a feeding with my over-abundant milk supply=)

Nonnie and Micaiah (my mom)

G-daddy and Micaiah (my dad)

Josh and his kiddos
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