Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Words Of Wisdom

Poppie (Josh's dad) dropped by to see Micaiah on his way back home from preaching in SC.

He was just kidding around with Zeke and asking silly questions to see what Micaiah could really do...

Poppie:  "Can Micaiah play with your cars?"

Zeke:  "Yeah!"

Poppie:  "Can Micaiah wrestle?"

Zeke:  "Yeah!"

Poppie:  "Can Micaiah eat lunch with you?"

Zeke: (without hesitation)  "No poppie, because my mommy has his milk in her boobies!"

Poppie quickly avoided that answer and went on to a different conversation=)

I turn bright red while Josh and I both busted out laughing!
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