Friday, July 31, 2009

Words Of Wisdom - The Birthing Process

One night we were talking about the fall of man from Adam and Eve's story in the Bible and there was a picture of Eve crying while holding her new baby.  The kids were a little concerned about why she was crying.  We tried to explain that when babies come it hurts now as a consequence of sin.

A few days later we had this conversation over dinner:

Areyna:  "I don't want it to hurt for Baby Micaiah to come out."

Me:  "Well, baby it'll be okay.  It only hurts for a little bit and it's well worth it."

Areyna:  "Wouldn't it be funny if the baby came out of your mouth?"

Josh and I laughing histarically...

Me:  "That would be pretty funny.  Do you know where the baby comes out of?"

Areyna:  matter-of-factly while making pushing motions from her ribcage out toward her belly button "Out of your belly button.  You just have to puuuuush him out!"

We just left it at that=)


Ashley said...

I can just picture her saying that! Sooo cute. I'm praying for you these days, I know you are soo ready for baby Micaiah to be here!

Parkison Family said...

Too funny! Looking forward to seeing #3