Monday, August 3, 2009

Just To Keep Life Interesting

Well, I tried not to let the whole blogosphere know that we were away from home on family vacation all last week.  Yes a week before my due date and NO, there is NO baby yet=)

We drove up to Smith Mountain Lake in VA last Saturday for the annual Via vacation.  It was a good diversion from the growing anticipation of Micaiah's arrival.  My doctor was a little hesitant to let me travel 3 1/2 hours away but knowing that I could hop in the car at any sign of labor, and knowing my track record with late and slow deliveries, he gave me the green light.  We ALL had a GREAT time.  I'll be posting pictures (I did get a couple) this week so stay tuned.

We made it home close to midnight on Thursday night so I could make it to my Friday morning appointment.  I can't help but always get excited to see the "progress" from week to week, but disappointment overtook me as we left the appointment with NO FURTHER PROGRESS in over a week...and not another appointment scheduled until 5 days after my due date!  Oh the agony of waiting=)

Josh was scheduled to play at a church in Raleigh, NC yesterday and we had just planned on me staying home in case labor came on but he talked me into one last road trip=)  I joined him for yet another 3 1/2 trip in the car 3 days before the due date.  We might as well keep it interesting...and keep me occupied as I grow more and more antsy.

Today is another day in the studio to hopefully finish up some vocals and violin tracking on "All That Glitters" and then my mom flies in tonight to help with the kids while we wait together, so that will be a nice diversion.

I can't help but be reminded of God's grace and love as we wait on His perfect timing for this child He has already blessed us with.  I'll keep ya'll posted=)
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