Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 More Weeks

2 More Weeks Until...

...I can sleep on my left side again

...I can sleep on my back again

...I can sleep on my stomach again

(can you tell I haven't been sleeping well=))

...I get to hold my new baby boy in my arms instead of in my belly

...I can eat a full meal again

...I can take deep breathes again

...I can move without waddling around quite as much

...I get to see Rainy and Zeke interact with their new baby brother!

...I get to see Josh fall asleep with our newborn on his chest as they cuddle together=)

...I can paint my toenails again without having to hold my breathe to reach them

...I get a lap to hold my kids on again

...I can read my kids a book without trying to catch my breathe

...I can get off the couch without Josh's helpful push to get the momentum going

I know the stage after the baby comes is hard and tiring, but I can't wait!
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