Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Just Isn't Like Me

I like to think of myself as a fun mom but I do have boundaries.  You know, certain items have a specific purpose and there is a place for everything.  Especially during this "nesting" time in my life=)  Well, I'm not sure what happened yesterday.

For example, the kids normally go down around 2pm for a nap but they were having SO much fun playing outside I just let them keep playing.  I even allowed Areyna to use my watering pot to make mud for Nemo (don't ask, she's got an amazing imagination).  Then she came up to me about 15 minutes before I had decided to finally put them down for a nap and she asked if she and Zeke could get "really dirty in the mud"....and I said "YES".  I mean why not, right?  Normally I would just tell her no because she's about to take a nap and we could play again when she woke up, but not yesterday.  She would have been fine with either answer, but she was ecstatic with the outcome of yesterday's answer!

Then to top it all off, instead of rinsing them off in the bathtub before a nap I just gave them a little sponge bath and stuck them in bed, HA!  I figure it's time to wash their sheets anyway.

I won't even mention that while the kids were down for their nap I sat on the couch, ate a snack and watched TV, accomplishing absolutely NOTHING that afternoon.  But why not?  I can't even remember the last time I watched TV in the afternoon=)

Then last night we went over to hang out with some friends.  They had made dessert for us and I allowed the kids to eat until they were STUFFED with sugar and drink as much as they wanted to.  Normally, they get one helping of dessert and they have to stop drinking with dinner, or else they'll be up all night going to the bathroom.  But not yesterday.  No, yesterday was different.  Not, that they didn't get up to pee all night=), but I just kept saying "sure, why not".

What have you been saying "Sure, why not!" about lately?


the burchard bunch said...

It was so great hanging out with you guys last night:) Your friendship means so much to this crazy bunch!

Have a wonderful vacation and call us if you need anything:)

Much love~

Ashley said...

This is fabulous. And I love that Areyna asked to get really dirty. So sweet. I think we all need these moments. My "sure, why not" has been said to my house for the last 2 weeks (apparently it's been asking to stay really dirty). We're too busy enjoying the summer.