Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christian Radio - Just Venting A Little

The CD player doesn't work in one of our cars and we ALWAYS forget to grab CD's for our other car so when the kids are in tow we listen to a lot of Christian Radio.  It is "family friendly" but it absolutely drives us crazy sometimes.

For example, the other day Areyna told me 3 songs in a row, "we already heard this one mommy".  Then, when we do hear a "new" song it was a #1 hit when I was in like middle school!  I just don't know if I can take another remake of "Here I Am To Worship" or "Lord I Lift Your Name On High".

Something else that drives me crazy...

Have you ever heard of Bluetree?  I bet many of you have not.  Let's try the song "God of this City"?  I'm sure many of you have.  The sad thing is you probably thought Chris Tomlin wrote it, along with "Indescribable" which Laura Story actually wrote.  

Now, don't misunderstand this post.  This is not a bash on Christian artists who remake songs (we did Jeremy Riddle's, Sweetly Broken on our last album) or against Chris Tomlin or anything of this nature (he's a very talented musician and songwriter).  It is just a pet peve of mine to turn on the radio and hear the cheesiest version EVER of Hillsong's "From The Inside Out" by Big Daddy Weave or something when you NEVER hear the original Hillsong version.  Or Lincoln Brewster's "Everlasting God" sung by Phillips Craig and Dean.

Josh and I were absolutely floored when we actually heard Hillsong on the radio on Sunday morning.  We'd LOVE to hear more Hillsong, Bluetree, Gateway know, the originals.  Such powerful Christian music.

I'm just saying...
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