Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Circuit

I was asked to participate in a Blog Circuit for the review of Frank Viola's new book "From Eternity to Here". 

I must be honest, I haven't gotten all the way through this book.  It's not my typical reading style dealing with potty training, parenting or saving money=)  But I am going to finish it because I said I would.  

Basically, it is a book compiled of 3 parts:  The Bride Of Christ, The House Of God and The Body Of Christ and The Family Of God.  It is Viola's opinion of the purpose of Christ's bride.  As with any book you should always do your own research backed up with Scripture to see how it coincides with what God says before you make any life-changes about what YOU think the Body of Christ's purpose is.  Like Josh always says, "pick out the meat and spit out the bones".

The following blogs are discussing this new release that just hit the May CBA Bestseller List.  Some are posting Q & A with Frank; others are posting full reviews of the book.  To read more reviews and order a copy at a 33% discount, go HERE.

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