Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Room Makeover

The Completed Baby Room
/Guest Room/Misc. Office-Stuff Room

Josh and I had a bet going on a few weeks ago and of course I won!  So, tonight he fulfilled his deed...he cleaned out the closet of death!!!  This would be the closet that we put ALL of our music stuff in, including merchandise.  Josh has also stored ALL of his school notes and papers in there from college and seminary, along with notebooks FULL of years of old songs and chord charts that he has written.  Man, what a good feeling!

So, with a clean and organized closet and a little decorating project which I accomplished today, the baby room is DONE!

My friend Joy had a GREAT idea about covering cork board with cloth.
I decided it was a cheap, cute way to decorate the room.  Here's the baby bed too=)
Close-up...I don't know if I like the pictures on the squares or not.
The dresser we snagged at Ross

There you have it.  We are officially done getting "the nameless one's" room ready!  That's right...STILL no name.  As soon as we think we have it, we realize we DON'T.  I'll blame it all on Josh when we have to call and add him to our insurance simply as Baby #3 Via=)
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