Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Areyna is SO ready for baby #3 to come.  She has been pretending like all her babies are the new baby and putting them in the baby bed and feeding them and taking such good care of them.  She even told me, "I am a good mommy to my babies."  I have a feeling she is going to take her Big Sister job very seriously=)

I was in bed last night, actually asleep this time, when I heard the kid's bedroom door open.  Then I heard little feet patter down the hallway.  Areyna was actually going to the bathroom at night all by herself without waking us up to tell us=)  See, the kids have one of those childproof doorknobs on the inside of their room, mainly to keep Zeke contained, but Areyna has figured out how to open doors with them on.  

When she first started wearing big girl undies, and had yet to figure out the doorknob, we taught her to come and knock on the door if she had to go potty at nighttime and we'd let her out and help her.  

It got to the point, though, that even if we were in a 1-bedroom hotel room she wouldn't just go, she'd wake us up to tell us she had to go=)  Last night she did it.  I know, no big deal, right?  But to a mom that's huge.  It's right on up there with Areyna being able to fix her own drink from the refrigerator and then doing the same for her little brother.

Now with a 3rd baby on the way I can't think of a better "good mommy" to have around than my precious Areyna.  She is going to be such a big help.  And she WANTS to be.  We're all ready for him to get here.  Just 7 more weeks!
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