Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Skirt That Just Doesn't Match Anything!

Areyna absolutely loves skirts and tank tops.  They are her favorite articles of clothing, besides princess dresses of course=)  But this skirt is her FAVORITE!  We have a problem though.  We don't have a single top that matches it!  Every time she comes out with this skirt on Josh and I have to just bite our tongues and try not to laugh at the tops she has picked out to go with it.  Yesterday it was a horizontal striped T-shirt with light blue, dark blue and pink stripes.  The other day it was some kind of floral print top.  It sure doesn't seem to phase her though.  She still feels beautiful in it, matching or not=)


Wendy said...

Okay, you are still cracking me up. I just had this conversation last night while tucking in my girls...they were so excited for tank tops and shorts season. When left to their own discretion I never know what they'll come out of their rooms wearing. This is a cute picture & I love you last point!
~ Wendy

Kelly Via said...

So sweet. I love Areyna's fashion creations. I haven't really opened up the world of choosing clothes to Cana yet...she really hasn't shown that much interest. However, she is starting to.

It's so annoying when you come across a skirt like this cute, but when you go to match it with something....nothing matches!! Cana has several of these, and they get skipped over so many times!! For the majority of the time now, I try to stick to simple patterns or solids just because I am not that good at matching up the outfits!!

Joy said...

Awww! My girls do this too.

Target sometimes sells solid-colored tank tops (super cute). I bet if you found a pale yellow one for her it'd be perfect!