Friday, April 24, 2009

Ready Or Not

And we're off!  We are heading out today after Areyna gets out of school.  We'll be at Journey Church in Raleigh, NC on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Then, we're heading up to Henderson, NC for a Sunday-Wednesday event at Blessed Hope.  We'll be back home again on Thursday just in time for Josh to leave again on Saturday for several more days.

So, our summer schedule has officially begun!  I really will be excited, I promise...just as soon as I get us all packed!=)

Don't worry, I'll have internet access all week so don't worry, I won't be leaving you;)

P.S.  Let me leave you with one thought to process and ponder over.  Maybe you have an answer because all I could get out was an open-mouthed laugh, HA!

***Disclamer - The names have been taken out of this story to protect the real identity of the characters within***

Picture, if you will, walking in to go get your children out of a rather pleasant room-time.  Or so you thought.  Now, open the door and turn your head right.  Your son is sitting on top of their art table, buck naked, with a purple pocket book.  The handles are made of purple feathers, the kind that float all over the house and you can't catch them!  Next to him, cheering him on, is his big sister, telling him to "keep pulling them out!"  No, Areyna no longer wanted the purple feathers on her purple pocket book and got her brother to do the dirty work of making an absolute mess of the playroom, which is STILL covered in purple feathers as we speak!  Why he was naked, I'm not sure.  Any takers?
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