Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Just Wondering...

...why we pay $80 every 3 months for the bug guy to keep our house bug FREE when we continue to find lines of ants in our kitchen and kid's bathroom every year!  I promise I keep a clean house, but those pesky little guys will NOT go AWAY!!!  I mean, our guy was just here a couple of weeks ago and not 2 days later is when we started the ant sightings.

...why there is always a potty accident AFTER I've just finished the last load of laundry.

...why there are special designated "Cell Phone Lots" at the airport when everyone walking around or driving is already talking on their cell phones.

...why my kids seem to have MORE energy on rainy days when they don't have anywhere to run!

...why asparagus pee always smells SO BAD!

...why the kids like to wait until I'm seconds from sound check at rehearsal to have to go to the bathroom!

...why the ice cream truck that came by today was playing Christmas music?

...why the 13 dogs that surround our backyard like to bark ridiculously loud at 6:30am EVERY MORNING!!!

What are you wondering?


Morgan said...

Tasha...Seth and I used to pay a bug guy too and we always had ants. I think they spray something to make the ants come inside. You know, job security:) We have found that Terro traps are awesome. We put 2 outside where they come into the house, then 2 inside in their line of travel. You can't kill any for a few days, which is really hard, but they have to carry the syrup back to their nest. After that, they are gone for the summer! You do have to keep the kids away...very poisonous. Everything else, is just being a Mom I guess:)

Joy said...

We get ants, too! We use Torro (found at hardware stores). It's a really sugary, deadly liquid that the ants go absolutely nuts over. It literally makes them go crazy. They eat it, go back to their nest, and infect the entire colony and die. Works well for us but takes a couple weeks! AND definitely keep it hidden from the kiddos.

Joy said...

Oh... and I see someone else mentioned Terro as well! Don't know why I called it Torro, but whatever!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Why do thunderstoms only come when my children are sleeping...only to be woken by all the thunder?

Why did I even bother to shower today?

Those are my two why's for the day =)

Kelly Via said...

Why do my kids demand my attention every time I get on the phone?

Why does ice cream have to be so good and have so many calories?

Why are there so many weeds in my back yard?

Why don't kids understand the idea of others' personal space?

Why am I so addicted to LOST?

Why do these stains keep appearing in our carpet?

Why does the sink keep creating all these dirty dishes for me to keep doing?

Why can't laundry fold itself?

Why do we have to pay a co-pay?

Why does pollen have to irritate my nose so badly?

Why is my booty getting bigger...the baby is in my tummy?

Why is ink for my printer so expensive?

Why does my neighbor's dog like pooping in our yard better than his own?

Why didn't we ever receive Joy's key in the mail? Where is it?

Why can't we have an Ikea in Raleigh?

Tasha Via said...

I like the big booty one Kelly, I've been wondering the EXACT SAME THING!!!