Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not Without You

Last night for family devotions we were talking about Lazarus being raised from the dead.  Areyna got really interested in heaven and began asking a lot of GREAT questions.  She was wondering how we get there and if we will be together.  Zeke even knew, for some reason, that toys don't go with us to heaven, but we explained that there are even better things waiting for us there!

During our conversation Areyna looked at me and said, (about going to heaven), "That will be fun.  I want to go to heaven.  But not yet.  Not without you."  

That just melted my heart.  That shouted her love for me=)  Not only does it show her love for me but I love seeing her interest in her God!


Hatchee said...

awww that is toooooo sweet!

Joy said...

That was so sweet!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

That is funny...Ella has been asking ALOT of questions about heaven lately too. It is so cool to see their little hearts growing in their understanding of the Lord!

Shannon Bradley said...

I would have cried :) That is too sweet!