Friday, March 13, 2009

Shout Your Love

Somewhere along the way of our almost 7 years of marriage Josh and I picked up a phrase..."That shouts your love". We use it when the other does something, even if it's super small, that shows love in the form of the other's love language. Hmmm, that doesn't really explain it. Let me just give you a few examples:
  • When Josh makes the bed in the morning...that shouts his love to me
  • When Josh sees that the sink is overflowing and that the dishwasher needs to be unloaded and he goes in to clean it up without me even asking for help...that shouts his love to me
  • When Josh sees that I'm a little frazzled in the morning just trying to get myself ready on time and he goes to get the kids dressed and ready...that shouts his love to me
Now, I love flowers and gifts just as much as any other wife out there, but these are the kinds of things that absolutely fill me with love for my husband because it shows me that Josh is thinking about me and loving me in a way that Shouts it out!

March 23rd is our 7-year anniversary but we are celebrating it this weekend.  Joy, Josh's sister, is coming in for the weekend to watch the kids and Josh and I are going out on the town with no other agenda than to spend time together learning the things that shout love to each other.

What shouts out love to you?


Anonymous said...

When my husband drags himself out of bed in the morning to iron my clothes and fix a fresh pot of coffee!!! He doesn't even drink coffee!!

Tony C said...

I still get candy heart type text messages during the day...makes me all warm inside no matter what I'm doing.

Hope you guys have a great weekend celebrating. My wife and I celebrate our anniversary on March 26...yeah!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Monkey's Momma said...

When I husband will go out in the cold to get something for me!

By the way, there is something for you waiting on my blog :)

Joy said...

*SIGH* I wish my husband would shout out his love right now and go clean the cat box. Ha ha!

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