Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sugar Drinks and Donuts

Today was my day for the "sugar drink" at my baby appointment.  I made sure to pack an extra big bag of fun, quiet things for Zeke to do in the waiting room and for the hour of waiting to get my blood work done.   

As soon as we dropped Areyna off at school we rushed over to my appointment.  When I got there I asked if we could leave for that hour and come back to draw my blood and they were fine with that.  So I sat down to drink that oh-so-yummy stuff.   Zeke couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him have a sip of it=)  I promised him a special snack when we were all done.

Then we headed over to Target to get a couple of things.  (They gave me a cute re-usable bag with my purchase to celebrate "Earth Week".  Maybe your Target is doing that too?)  Pretty sweet!  Then made it back just in time to get my blood work done.  I tried to prep Zeke for the needle that would "only hurt for just a second".  The whole way back to the Dr.'s office he kept reminding me that "it will only tickle for a second."  I think Zeke was pretty impressed with how "bwave" I was and he let out a nice cheer for me when the nurse put a band-aid on my arm=)

Since he did so well I took him next door for a Mommy Date at Dunkin Donuts.  It is Coffee Day and they're giving away Iced Coffee's for $.50!  Zeke was in sugary heaven eating his donut and drinking his milk.  It was a fun morning out with just him=)  I always enjoy my one-on-one time with each of the kids.  He talked the WHOLE morning!  A lot of times Areyna will dominate the conversation when they are together so I think he felt pretty special today doing things with just his mommy and her undivided attention.
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