Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slow Me Down

Josh's isn't sure who this person is in his house because it sure isn't his wife=)  I think I'm finally past the NO ENERGY, NO MOTIVATION, LAY ON THE COUCH while the kids climb all over me, CAN'T HARDLY COOK DINNER because of the smell of the first trimester.  I have now entered the CAN'T GET TOO ORGANIZED, HAVE WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY, PERKY second trimester.  
Just today I...
  • woke up at 5:45am
  • got the kids ready to go 15 minutes early!
  • lead worship at Ridge Church
  • got home and made lunch
  • got my CVS scenarios together
  • put the kids down for a nap
  • went to CVS and racked up!
  • came home and cut my coupons (shew, finally caught up for the first time in weeks)
  • got caught up on ministry work
  • started laundry
  • made dinner (I never make dinner on Sundays)
  • folded laundry
  • posted something on CraigsList and sold it less than 2 hours later
  • gave the kids a bath
...and am now about to watch a movie with my baby.  I should sleep well tonight!=)
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