Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

Two nights ago we were sitting on the couch after our family devotion time and the kids wanted to kiss and talk to the baby before they went to bed.  Zeke lifted my shirt up over my belly and went on to tell the baby his favorite colors.  Areyna and Josh wanted in on the fun too so they joined Zeke!  Not 2 minutes into the craziness did I begin to feel little movements in my belly in response to the chaos on the outside.  It was a sweet bonding time for our whole family.

Then, last night, the kids were wired for some reason (maybe because of our IKEA trip we went on today!!!).  It was 10pm and the kids were finally calming down.  We'd been listening to them sing, tell stories and giggle for 2 hours!  I LOVE those sounds...
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