Monday, March 9, 2009

We Are The Proud Owners Of...

We finally got to go to our Charlotte IKEA last week.  It is the coolest store EVER!  They have a kids play place.  Zeke didn't meet the height requirement but Rainy went and had a blast.  Then, we all ate at the food court for about $12.  Not too bad for 4 people.  The store ended up being less than 45 min. away.

We did have a purpose in our trip though.  We have literally been saving up for months to get the kids a set of bunkbeds and a dresser/cabinet so we can upgrade for the new baby.  (Which, by the way, we find out is a boy or girl on Wed.=))

Zeke absolutely LOVED helping his daddy put their bed together.  His phrase of the night was "Daddy, where is my 'that thing'?"  He wanted his version of whatever tool Josh was using at the time.  

Areyna sleeps on the top and cannot get enough of it.  As soon as we got home from church yesterday she ran to her room, climbed up the ladder and laid on her bed until lunch was ready "just to rest";)

Saturday night was their first night in their new environment and it will take some getting used to.  Since they can no longer look at each other they think they are farther away than they really are so they were singing and talking A LOT LOUDER than normal and for A LOT LONGER.  They were still up when Josh and I went to bed which made for quite a morning at church, but that just goes with the territory of change.  

Zeke with his THAT (power drill)

Hammering together

The finished product!
(Can you believe this is the only wall in the house that can 
fit a bunk bed besides our bedroom?!)

Their new dresser/cabinet

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