Monday, March 16, 2009

Organic, All Natural, Whole Wheat...

***This is for you Jennifer McMurray=)  Don't go buy that Juicer just yet...

When we went over to Wes and Jenn's house last week Jenn and I talked the majority of the day about a health food class she had just attended.  I had a MILLION questions and Jenn answered just about every single one of them.  I learned so much (seeing as I hardly have a grasp on the difference between organic, all natural, etc.) and am now motivated more than ever to try my hardest to eat healthier and buy better food for my family while still maintaining our grocery budget.  We both decided that there has to be a good balance between the two.

Here are some things I am going to try to implement into our diet:
  • No more sugar - I will supplement honey and raw sugar instead. (Does anyone know where I can find sugar in the raw at a good cost?  I am going to look at Sam's and see)
  • Brown Rice instead of white
  • Wheat bread instead of white (this one's gonna be tough=))
  • More veggies and fruits - I've been working on this for a while.  My kids don't do well with snacks.  Especially Areyna, her stomach is too small and she won't eat the next meal.  So, I've been cutting back on snackie foods such as gummies and snack bars and that way I have more money for healthier snacks such as fruit, carrot sticks w/ ranch, apple slices and dried fruit, so at least her snacks are good for her.
  • Milk without the hormones - Now I don't know if this is the same as organic but I do know that Target milk is less than $3 a gallon and they don't have any added hormones.
Jenn and I were also discussing the thought of buying a juicer.  So, I decided to give my blender a go at it before purchasing a juicer.  So, I went to Aldi and racked up on all these fruits and veggies for under $10 to start making healthy smoothie snacks.  (Just for a comparison, I had gone into Harris Teeter earlier in the week and just 1 pineapple was $4.99!!! {$1.89 at ALDI})

I've already made 3 Large smoothies and still have TONS of fruit and veggies for several more.  It tastes GREAT and it gives me just as much of an energy boost as a soda or cup of coffee in the afternoons.

Now I know that we've all grown up fine eating these foods, but I figure with us being on the road and having to eat whatever is offered to us (usually pizza and fast food) that I'd try to stay as healthy as possible when we're at home.

So, here's what I want to know...
How do you maintain a balance of health and budget with your family?  Any ideas on some healthy habits to incorporate into our diet?  I'd love to get some feedback as I'm pretty ignorant about this topic=)
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