Friday, February 27, 2009

What Makes You Beautiful

Areyna, you turn 4 years old tomorrow.  I can't believe how quickly it goes by.  You used to need me for food and sustenance, now you can feed yourself.  Heck, you can get your own drink out of the refrigerator now!  You used to need me to change your diapers and now you shut the bathroom door and tell me "Mommy, I'm gonna be private now".  You used to need me to pick out your clothes and put them on you and now you walk out of your room in the morning with an outfit already on, ready for the day.  You used to need help remembering your ABC's and now you are teaching them to Zeke, along with the colors and numbers too!  How quickly time goes by.

This past weekend Josh and I played for a Father/Daughter banquet and they did something really special.  They wrote each other love notes telling each other what made the other beautiful by defining the beauty from the inside.  It reminded me of this post and now I want to tell you just a few of the character traits that truly make you beautiful...
  • You are an encourager.  Always the first one to tell Zeke, "Good job buddy!!!" or "I like your cool suit daddy!"
  • You are such a good helper.  I love how you always want to clean and help me cook dinner.  
  • You want your little brother to succeed.  You try to teach him everything you know.
  • You are learning what it means to be thankful.  When we get something you are quick to ask who gave it to us and say "We should write them a thank you letter."
  • You are learning more and more how to share.
  • You are very sensitive to other's feelings and want to make things right.
I am so proud of you.  Happy Birthday my sweet Areyna Joy!

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