Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh No, I'm Not A Princess Today?!

Today, shortly after Areyna woke up we were hanging out in the living room and she looked at me in horror and said "Oh no, I'm not a princess today!" I told her, "You can go get a princess dress on now if you want" with which she jumped up with the biggest smile on her face and ran in her play room to change out of her jammies into one of her favorite princess outfits. Shew, that was close. I'm a little bias and do think that I have the most beautiful little girl on the planet (no offense to you other moms with equally beautiful little girls=)) but I wonder how many times I tell her that she is so pretty and so beautiful without her princess dresses on or even when she is so messy from a spaghetti dinner or playing out in the endless sand pits in our backyard (Zeke is still learning the concept of keeping the sand in the sandbox). I want my beautiful little girl to realize that true beauty comes from an attitude of the heart and not from the fancy things that we are so often blessed with in this world. Maybe that should be #2 on my list...
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