Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Trying

I've heard so many moms say "I was the healthiest when I was pregnant".  I'm just NOT that mom.  As hard as I try I just cannot acquire a taste for the "good stuff", especially during the first trimester.

This pregnancy has been, by far, the worst EVER!  I had a few cravings with the other pregnancies and food that definitely sounded good, but this pregnancy I seem to move from craving to craving with no relief!  The list just keeps going and going:  steak, cheeseburger, snickers, subway, french fries, snickers, milkshakes, popsicles, french fries, snickers, frozen pizzas, slushies, extra crunchy salty chips, etc.  Did I mention french fries and snickers?!

When I finally went to the store this week I tried so hard not to give into my cravings and only buy snacks that I thought I could handle while being somewhat nutritious, like dried fruit trail mixes and frozen real-fruit popsicles.  Okay, so I gave in and bought a frozen pizza too=)

I think the main thing for me are the smells!  I've always gotten the sensitive smell issue before but this time I tend to gag over just about everything.  The smell of cooked chicken just about did me in last night...

So, I have let it go and just had realize that this is a season and it will not last forever while I just pray that I don't gain 100 pounds during this "season".=)
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