Saturday, February 7, 2009

Set The Standard High

Josh has this knack for setting the parental standard high in this house.  There is nothing that I love more than watching him interact with our kids.  
-I love his creative way of "helping" them be obedient.  
-I love the way he turns EVERYTHING into a wrestling match.  
-I love how he makes everything fun and exciting for them.  For example, after bath time tonight he was putting lotion on them and held the lotion bottle way up in the sky so that it "flew" down to their tummy's before he tickled them to death while rubbing it in.  
-I love how crazy his nighttime ritual is getting.  

When we are both here to put the kids down for bed Josh is the one to tell/read the stories and do little, silly things in the dark to "wind them down" before we say goodnight.

But when he's not here to tuck them in I just can't compete.  Areyna even tells me "Mom, you aren't good at making up stories.  You can just read one."  And, after several attempts to recreate one of daddy's right-before-bed stunts the kids just tell me I'm not doing it right and hop in their beds=)  

Nothing makes me more proud of my husband, and more in love with my babies daddy!!!
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