Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diaper Free ... Well, For A Few Months Anyway=)

We are officially diaper free!  

Areyna has been out of pull-ups at night now for a week, accident-free, yippee.  I was talking to my friend last week about how it usually happens; the parent sees that the child has been "accident-free" for months while wearing a pull-up at night.  So, you decide to try big-girl undies and save the pull-up just to have accident after accident in the middle of the night.  It must be a mental thing.  But, last week when we went to pick up the kids after CharlotteONE the people that kept the kids couldn't find a pull-up for her so just kept her big-girl undies on but we didn't know until she woke up dry the next morning.  Shew, that could have been disastrous.  We decided we made it one night so we'd try it again.  She has done excellent.

Moving on...
Zeke has been a champ through this whole potty training experience.  We weren't even thinking about potty training him yet.  He just did it on his own.  Now, he'll go all by himself and bring us his undies to put back on him afterwards.  Wow!  He's even been in big-boy undies for nap times with NO accidents..  He just wears a pull-up at night time now.  

Man, I hope #3 is as easy as Zeke was and PRAY he's not as difficult as Rainy=)  So, we start the stockpiling of baby diapers.  We decided to keep getting the really good deals on diapers to stock up now so we aren't breaking the bank when the next one arrives.  

This is the first time in 4 years that we don't have someone in diapers, Praise The Lord!!!
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