Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking The Time

Zeke and I had a rough night last night (I think it had something to do with hot sauce and red pepper powder on his thumbs=)) so he was pretty cranky this morning.  I was feeling a bit nauseous so I was a bit cranky.  That's when I decided it was a perfect day for an exclusive Mommy and Zeke Morning!

After I took Rainy to school I came home and took Zeke for a long walk.  Again, it's been beautiful outside today=)  We saw some kites in the sky, played with ladybugs and watched the pretty birds.  We also found some "perfect" rocks to bring home and show daddy!

I've also gotten some GREAT ideas from my friends Kelly and Jenn about "school" at home and decided to do a lesson with Zeke today.  He was thrilled to "go to school" today!  We learned about the color ORANGE!  We colored with ORANGE crayons, put on an ORANGE shirt, went throughout the house looking for ORANGE things, and then we completed our lesson by finding ORANGE things to eat for lunch=)  

Sometimes we just need to stop and take the time to enjoy our kids.  Not one time during our morning together did he throw a fit or whine.  We both needed this time together.
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