Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sunburn In February

God has really blessed us with some BEAUTIFUL weather this weekend and today!  We went from snow on Wednesday (the kids were still eating the leftover chunks on the ground 3 days later...gross!) to in the 70's on Sat., Sun. and today.  You'd think we were in Colorado or something, right mom?

Yesterday after church we ate a picnic outside before we put the kids down for a snooze.  Then, Josh and I went back out in the backyard and took a nap on a blanket.  It was SO nice.

Today has been even better.  Josh took the day off  and did yard work this morning/afternoon while the kids and I worked on Thank You cards for Christmas on the deck (better late than never, huh=)).  We were literally outside from right after breakfast until they went down for a nap at 2pm.

I must say that my nose (and Josh) is suffering though.  I have been sneezing, sniffing and snotting so bad that Josh just ran out to get me some Claritin.  I must have been really grossing him out=)

I didn't think to put sunscreen on in February, and now my back has the beginnings of a sunburn.  Not bad, but I wasn't planning on working on my tan just yet!
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