Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boys Are far

He chose DINOSAURS today=)  No more pink swirlies!!

We HAVE NOT been trying to potty train this kid, but he kept consistently telling us when he had to go.  So, yesterday we decided we'd skip pull-ups altogether and go straight to big boy undies.  He did awesome.  The only thing we need to figure out is how to get his little ADD self to sit still long enough for EVERYTHING to come out.  He did fine the whole day except in room time.  He decided to go 6 different times in that one hour, and he really went all 6 times!  

This was the funniest thing though.  One time he said he had to go so we sat down and nothing happened and he looked down at his "little guy" and said with a very concerned look on his face, "not working mommy?!"  I about rolled over laughing!!!
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