Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Because It's Cheaper Doesn't Mean It's Always Better

It was a still a few days until payday and we were in desperate need (like one more left) of diapers!!  So, I figured diapers into my CVS transactions last week.  I had several coupons to stack so I ended up getting 104 CVS diapers for $14.  Pretty sweet.  

Now, I'm all about trying anything, but I usually don't do generic diapers because that is just not something to mess with, but we were desperate and I figured, "it's CVS, they've gotta work alright".

Well, here it is 1 1/2 weeks later and we've had 3 incidents already.

1-Zeke is running around and then he stops mid-run and his diaper just drops off!!!  

2-Zeke tells Josh that he has a poopy and he didn't hardly touch the velcro tabs before it drops to the floor for him to bring it to his daddy, poop and all!

After this incident we figured we just needed to keep pants on him at all times to keep the diaper ON!  But alas, this morning...

3-Zeke starts tugging at his jammies and says "uh-oh, diaper, oh-no, diaper OFF!"  Yes, his diaper fell off IN HIS PANTS!!!

I think I'll go try to take the second pack of CVS diapers back.  They absorbed alright, but the velcro tabs left much to be desired.  PLUS, they are girly with pink swirlies...Zeke doesn't need pink swirlies!=)

Are there any generics out there that are actually worth it?
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