Saturday, October 18, 2008

10 Steps

I'm in the middle of "Character Makeover" by Katie Brazelton & Shelley Leith and LOVING IT!  I think they wrote the chapter I read today just for me.  Here are the TOP TEN De-Stressors, concluded from Mark 6.

How To Reduce Stress

1. Don't add to your stress; start eliminating it.
*Read Mark 6:5 HERE.
*It takes self-control to resist overcommitment.

2. Remove some stress by delegating.
*Read Mark 6:7-13 HERE.
*I've already discussed my tendency to control and perfectionism, and I feel like these are areas I will always struggle with. In order to alleviate some stress in our lives we must let go of some things, even if it isn't done exactly the way we would do it!
*It takes self-control to resist overcontrolling.

3. Release your stress by rejuvenating.
*Read Mark 6:31 HERE.
*It takes self-control to resist overactivity.

4. Refocus on your passion when stress is escalating.
*Read Mark 6:31-34 HERE.
*This reminded me of a post on Lysa's blog about the "interruptions" in her day and grabbing hold of them to focus on other's.  This is her passion!  We should all have a passion for God's people like this.
*It takes self-control to resist frustration and focus on your passion.

5. Don't avoid your stress; it will be waiting for you.
*Read Mark 6:36-37 HERE.
*My sister and I were just talking about my tendency to ignore our "economic crisis" instead of really grabbing ahold of what is going on and trusting God completely.
*It takes self-control to resist avoiding your problem.

6. Don't increase your stress by exaggerating.
*Read Mark 6:37 HERE.
*It takes self-control to resist overreacting.

7. Address your stress by prioritizing and evaluating.
*Read Mark 6:38 HERE.
*This is a big one for me. I need to calm down and evaluate the real problem instead of exaggerating the "what-if's".=)
*It takes self-control to resist getting overwhelmed.

8. Get help with your stress by organizing and coordinating.
* Read Mark 6:39 HERE.
*It takes self-control to resist overworking.

9. Manage your stress by not deviating.
*Read Mark 6:41-42 HERE.
*Do this by staying in prayer, in good health and on schedule.
*It takes self-control to resist slipping away from good habits.

10. Deepen your faith when stress turns to crisis.
*Read Mark 6:48-51 HERE.
*It takes self-control to resist becoming overanxious.

I don't know about you but this type of thinking and refocusing doesn't come over-night.  It is a process, just like everything else in life.
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