Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Boys Get Sick

I clearly remember my friend Emily posting about her husband's reaction to getting sick.  I laughed out loud knowing that the same was true for my man.  But I have come to realize that it's not just the adult male/husband .. it's male's in general!!

Poor Zeke has been sick so much this summer.  Remember when he got sick after all those mosquito bites?  Well, we now think that he had West Nile Fever.  That was the week leading up to family vacation.  This past week, just 2 weeks later, we've all had the strangest stomach bug (Rainy cracks up every time I say we have a "stomach bug" because she is picturing the little creepy crawly things that her and Zeke chase around our yard).  Out of all of us Zeke is the only one to get a fever, and he is downright pitiful.

He's been screaming so much this week, due to his temper-tantrums, that he's got a scratchy (almost non-existent) voice, which sound so pitiful when he randomly doubles over repeating "tummy hurt, tummy hurt" over and over.  It has absolutely devastated Zeke when Josh had to shut the office door to get work done.  His feelings get hurt over the littlest things.  He won't eat.  Now, like I said, we've all been sick but Josh and Zeke have been the most depressing to watch by far.

We drove into VA last night to play for Greenridge.  I thought we would NEVER get here.  We could tell what his temperature was just by the way he acted.  When the fever would break he'd sleep soundly but as soon as it would start spiking again he'd start to crying louder and louder saying "hold you Rainy, hold you Rainy" with out-stretched arms.  It was so sad.  

On a side not, Josh and I are totally stoked to play for the opening night of  Two|Four in Raleigh on Wednesday night.  We'll keep you updated on that for sure=)
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