Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mosquito Bites?

Zeke has been absolutely pitiful the past day and a half.  I think he's got some kind of virus.  The first time I took his temp. yesterday it was over 99 and last night the last time I took it, it had gone up to 103.8.  I took his temperature under his arm so I don't know if that matters at all.  He woke up several times last night, hysterical.  It was pretty scary, he wasn't responding to us talking to him and he was acting really scared.  He must be pretty exhausted because it is 10:45 and he is still sleeping.  We know he really doesn't feel good because he wouldn't eat a single bite of his popsicle and he would just lick his cookie.  I think we watched more TV yesterday than we have watched altogether since the kids were born!!  I mean, what else can you do.  He just wants me to hold him as he lays limp in my arms.  Poor guy=(
Do ya'll think this could be from his mosquito bites?  We think he might even be allergic to them.  Have ya'll ever heard of anything like this being from mosquitos?  Just a thought...
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