Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Like Commercials And All, But...

Some television commercials are so funny to me and others I can do without. But when I'm at home watching TV and a bad commercial comes on I at least have a remote so I can turn the channel and help my husband "bounce his eyes".

Josh and I finally got to go see The Dark Knight this weekend. It was amazing! The movie theatre was having a bit of trouble at the beginning, though. We had been sitting in our seats for over 45min. before the movie even started! Then, after we finally get going the commercials start playing. I don't understand why we have to sit through hair and clothing commercials now. I'd much rather watch more previews than sit through terrible commercials. The very first commercial they showed was an add for Levi's Jeans. It had a teenage couple taking each other's clothes off making very strong sexual innuendos. It was awful!! Josh said it was the worst commercial he'd ever seen. Then, the very next commercial had guys lusting after the women they'd pass on the street or in the store and picturing them in nothing but their underwear. I mean, when you feel like you need to walk out of the theatre just to bypass the ads before the movie you know it's bad.

Josh and I get to go see a movie in the theatre maybe 2 times a year and I hate that we have to sit through these kinds of commercials just to see the movie we've been waiting to see.
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