Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A bottle of Children's Tylenol for my sick little Zeke- $2.64
A bottle of Children's Motrin to alternate with Zeke's tylenol every 3 hours- $3.44

Pedialyte that Zeke won't even drink! - $5.24

Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea for my husband's croaky voice- $2.00

A box of Sudafed PE SC for my sick little husband - $4.99 (w/ a coupon of course)

A box of Sudafed PE SN for his other symptoms - $4.99 (w/ a coupon of course)

A Venti triple shot espresso that I'm going to buy so I can stay awake to take care of them today after being up with them all night!!  Some things just don't require a coupon or a sale=) - $4.00

Hearing the voices of God's people lifting up praise to Him above the sound of a full band - PRICELESS!!!!

This is what I have to remember when I am hours away from home, taking care of my sick family, feeling too tired to keep up this pace.  

**Please pray that Josh's fever will go away quickly and gain his energy back so we can lead worship for an incredible night at Two|Four on Wed.

P.S. I just spent more money today on things that I've already got at home than I would have for a whole weeks worth of groceries.  I think I'm going to put a basket together of this kind of stuff and stick it under the seat in the car for future reference!

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