Thursday, July 3, 2008

Freebies On Craigs List/Bad Idea

Okay, I guess I set myself up for this but I still could NOT believe this.  I had good intentions though=)

I totally cannot believe all the FREE stuff I have been getting by playing the CVS game.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can read THIS LINK to learn more!  There is no way we'd be able to use all the stuff that we get so I wanted to start giving some of it away.  I mean, who on earth needs 11 toothpastes or 4 deoderants=)  I called our church but there is nowhere to store it for their helping hands ministry so I decided to put some gift bags together and post it under the FREE stuff on Craig's List.

Not even 1 hour after posting the add I had an inbox full on inquiries.  Here are just a couple of them...

"hi, I really need those items!!! where can I pick them up? pls email me back!!! thanks"
I thought, cool I'll let her come get them.  That was BEFORE she e-mailed me back and said,
"can I pls get 20.00 too? I don't have much gas but I really need it my monthly is on...."
Uh, I pretty much told her that I wasn't giving away $, just a bag of things I thought could help somebody out.  To which she replied, "thanks but, no thanks".

Then, a few other messages wanted me to ship it to them.  Hmmm...

Here's one more.  Sketchy at BEST...
"I do not need them but just wanted to stop by and say 'good job'.  It is important to care about others."  Yikes.

I think I'll find another venue to share by "blessings"=)
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