Sunday, June 8, 2008

Round Two

Josh and I were at Weddington Community again this morning.  It went really well and Pastor Blake had a GREAT message about some small changes we can make in our lives that could have HUGE impacts.  Then, we rushed home to grab a bite of lunch before round 2 at Ridge Church tonight.  Rainy loves Ridge so after she changed into her Cinderella dress she headed out with her daddy for the evening.  Thankfully I've got the night off because we are flying out tomorrow morning to drop the kids off at my parents in Colorado and then leaving for Budapest, Hungary.  Josh and I will be leading worship for the regional missionary conference that will be gathering there.  Right now I'm taking a break to recoup and then I'll get back to the packing.  We should have internet access so we'll keep you posted on our journey=)
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