Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Airplanes Are Humbling

Josh, Rainy, Zeke and I flew into Colorado Springs around 3:30 Colorado time yesterday.  You can't help but relax as soon as you arrive.  The atmosphere around here is so laid back and WE LOVE IT.  Right now I'm sitting here in my parents living room with all the windows open.  Can you believe that their house doesn't even have air conditioning?  We haven't even been able to keep our curtains and mini-blinds open at our house in Charlotte because of the suffocating heat, and our air still works non-stop!=)  Anyway, the kids are content playing outside with all the fun toys here at Nonnie and G-daddy's house and running around on the deck waiting for the squirrels to come and eat the nuts they've laid out.  
Just because I think you'll love it, here are a few recaps from the airplane rides over here:
1-Neither of them slept on either of the flights
2-Rainy's favorite parts were the landings.   She squealed with delight during the last turbulent landing while everyone else held on to their armrests for dear life!
3-The person who thought of putting a playground inside of an airport is a genius.  
4-Josh and Zeke walked off the first plane looking like they just finished watching a show at Seaworld with Shamu.  Airplane pressure mixed with "soury drink" (sprite) in a sippy cup = a mess.  There was an explosion after every sip=)
5-Zeke decided that he wanted to be a big boy and went poopie and peepee in the potty on the airplane.  Therefore, I spent a huge chunk of the first plane ride back in the tiniest bathroom known to man between Rainy, Zeke and me=)
6-The kids were up for almost 15 hours without a nap and acted exceptionally well.
7-Rainy made instant friends with all the airline attendants
8-A 2-year-old is not meant to be restrained on a lap for more than 20 min.!!  Zeke just wanted to dance in the aisle.
Those are just a few highlights for you.
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