Friday, June 13, 2008

We Made It!

Well, we're here.  It is 2:37pm Charlotte time and 8:37pm here.  The flights over here were quite eventful.  Let me just recap to save you all the details:
1-Got in the car to go from my parents house in Colorado Springs to Denver at 9:15am.
2-Got to the airport in Denver a little after 11am in plenty of time to get through the quickest security check we've EVER been through and catch our 1pm ride.
3-We flew from Denver to Dallas/Ft.Worth
4-We brought both of our instruments on the flight with us.  Josh couldn't find a single place for his guitar on the flight except in the VERY BACK OF THE PLAIN!!!
5-As we were landing our connection to Paris was boarding on the other side of the airport.  We just knew we were going to miss our flight.  The airplane was Packed and it took Josh forever to get BACK to get his guitar and meet me even after the flight attendants asked everyone to let us through.  That definitely did NOT happen!  They had a special shuttle that waited for me and Josh to take us directly to our next flight to Paris.  There is no way our luggage made it.
6-We made the flight to Paris!
7-Josh and I were in the middle section of the airplane.  As soon as we were in the air the flight attendants started handing out our drinks.  Sweet ol' Grandma, who was sitting right beside me in the side section, asked for straight up Vodka.  And after receiving it she asked if they'd be back for another round of drinks.  After the flight attendant told her the next thing on the agenda was dinner, Grandma went ahead and ordered another Vodka.  She didn't stop there.  She went back to the stewardesses to retrieve a couple more drinks before morning came.  Let's just say her volume increased as the flight went on=)
8- We land in Paris without tickets.  They said we were to pick up our last tickets from Paris to Budapest IN Paris.  Nobody seemed to know where we should go.  We ended up walking through a doorway that lead out to the main entrance of the airport.  Did they check our passports?  Nope.  We just kept walking and asking around.  It is the most confusing airport I've ever been.  
9-We finally found the check point we needed to get our tickets.  In Paris they have individual security checks for each gate so we stood in line AGAIN for security and waited for our plane.  
10-All of a sudden our gate changed so off we go to go backwards through the security we just waisted a half an hour in and we went to go stand in line at our next gate's security.
11-We board the plain and we looked out the window and sure enough, there was our luggage.  We couldn't believe it made it!!!
12-The luggage guys pick up one or our bags and loaded it on the plain.  They went to put the second bag on the plain and they looked very confused as they checked out the tags, then they take it off the belt and put it on the ground behind them before loading it back on the luggage truck.  I'm like..."hey, it's ours, and we're on the plane!!!!"  After going up front to tell the flight attendants and showing them everything we finally watched as they loaded our other bag on the flight.
13-We arrive in Budapest at around 3:30pm or so on Friday and then hop in the van for the 2 hour trip to ...Here, wherever here is.

It's beautiful!  I feel so honored to be here with these people who have uprooted their whole families to obey God's calling on their lives!
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