Friday, May 16, 2008

He Did It!!!

No, he didn't make it all night in his big boy bed.  No, he didn't get potty-trained over night.  No, he didn't have an extraordinarily "happy heart" all morning.  But he did learn to climb out of his pack-n-play!  Yep, I heard the kids at 8am (early for them) and wanted to go settle them down and let them know it was still night-night time and I found Zeke cuddled up with Rainy in her bed.  Hmmm, I'm glad we are already in the process of the transition to a big boy bed.  We couldn't help but laugh at what we saw.  How cute is that.  He just wants to be so close to Areyna ALL THE TIME=)  What a great friendship they have.  I hope they are always as close as they are now.
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