Saturday, May 17, 2008

The First All-Nighter

I'm a little speechless this moring.  After Zeke's little "climbing out the pack-n-play" episode yesterday morning Josh and I decided to put the pack-n-play in the closet and just work really hard with the only option we had left.  I put the kids down at about 2:15 yesterday afternoon and after 3 rounds of "consequenses" for Zeke and 1 round for Rainy they were both asleep by 2:45ish.  Last night was even better!  The kids had an awesome nap (they didn't get up until 6) and they had wonderful attitudes all night long.  Oh the joys of getting back on schedule=)  Josh and I had to go to a rehearsal dinner for a friend of ours so Josh's sister, Joy, was in charge.  She's living with us again this summer, YEAH!!  She is like a second mom to the kids and she does so well with them.  Anyway, they know she sticks to mommy and daddy's rules so when nite-nite rolled around she got them ready for bed and laid down the law before leaving them alone in their room.  Well, Areyna had about 3 rounds of "consequences" BUT Zeke didn't even have to be scolded one time and this is what we walked in to see!!  PLUS, when I went in to go get them this morning at 9am he was still in his bed waiting for me to tell him he could get out.  What a precious little boy we have=)
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