Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?

Areyna is into this phase where she asks the same question over and over.  I can only be the sweet mommy for so many rounds of the same question=)  I hear this is very common.  In fact we had a girl in our youth group a few years ago that was going through the same phase.  I know, she was quite a bit older, but it's true.  We are handling the situation pretty much the same.  Like yesterday Areyna said, "Hey mom, what are you doing?" I replied by telling her exactly what I was doing.  Not 1 minute later she asked the exact same question.  (Why is it that my children are doing the exact same things to me that I used to do to my parents?)  My reply was, "Areyna look at mommy.  What did I just tell you I was doing?".   She repeated back exactly what I told her.  This is the catcher though.  I followed up with, "Areyna, you know what I'm doing so you are not allowed to ask that question anymore."  Josh laughed at me until Rainy started asking "Are we there yet?" in the car only 15 min. into a 4-hour trip.  After I told her that we still had a long trip ahead of us she said "Okay mom, I am not allowed to ask that question again."  I think she gets the concept.  Either that or she is trying to prevent the mommy who "chooses to have a bad attitude" from coming out=)
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