Sunday, April 27, 2008

Responsibility and Ministry

Rainy actually sat at her table for over an hour helping with the inserts and Zeke handed the newsletters to daddy after trying to pick them all up and then sitting on them=)

I have had such a good morning. Josh is leading at our home church, Southbrook Church, this weekend and he let me have the weekend off=) The kids and I were in desperate need of a break. After I gave the kids dinner last night we headed over to church for the Saturday night service and guess what we've been doing this morning...well, we slept in, had a nice breakfast and have been playing outside ever since. It's also newsletter time. Josh's mom and I always joke around that as soon as we finish a newsletter and mail it off it's newsletter time AGAIN. Ha! For those of you who don't know, we send out a free monthly newsletter at the beginning of every month to recap the last month and to let you know of other opportunities coming up for us. Shoot me an e-mail with your contact information and we'll set you up on our mailing list if you don't already get it. We have over 400 people on our mailing list right now and as you can imagine it takes a little time to fold and stuff the newsletter every month. I decided to take the newsletters outside and work on them while the kids were playing so sweet together this morning. After about 10 min. Areyna came over and wanted to "help". Her job was to put the folded letters into the basket. A few minutes went by and Zeke decided to join the fun. I'd hand him the newsletters, he'd open it up to inspect it shout out "I wuv you!!!" and hand it to Rainy who would finish the job by putting it in the basket. I've never had so much fun doing a newsletter=). I've always known that kids want to be "helpers" but I've really seen how our kids are beginning to help us with our ministry even at such a young age. Right now Areyna's job that she really enjoys is helping me set up our merchandise table. She puts all the CD's in the display cases and sets out the newsletter sign up. Zeke's job is to dance around and play air guitar while we set up the merchandise table. Areyna's other job is to help her daddy set up his guitars. She puts the cases flat on the floor, unlatches all the locks and opens them up so we can just pull them out. Then she closes them, latches them and sets the cases up straight. She does this while we pack up too. Zeke's job is to dance around and play air guitar while we set up and tear down. He does like to help carry the drum sticks to and from the car if we have a drummer with us=). So, even though I feel guilty sometimes that we can't be home all the time with a "normal" routine we do have some type of structure and routine on the road that I think will teach them responsibility and give them a love for ministry at the same time.
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